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Website Calendar Plugins

Give your web pages a boost with our website plugins. Pick the plugins that work for you, including the Full Calendar, Upcoming Events List with images, or Mini Calendar. If you don't have a website you can still use CalendarWiz as a stand-alone calendar.

Multi-User Editing

Share the work with other calendar users. Give users permission to edit all or part of your calendar. Keep tabs on who updated an event with event change tracking.

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Mobile App

Easily update your calendar when you're on the go. Nothing to download, just browse to your calendar link and login. Add a home screen bookmark and you're good to go.

Custom Colors & Branding

Make the calendar your own. Customize calendar colors & logos to match your identity. If you're adding the calendar to your website, customize the website plugins too!


Invite with RSVP & Attendance Tracking

Invite people to the events you create in your calendar. They'll have the option to Accept, Decline, or respond as Maybe. You can also track attendance and have a history of who you emailed about an event.

Reminders & Announcements

Automatic reminders and event announcements give you and your users a heads up about important upcoming meetings or events.

Prevent Double-Bookings.

Simple and affordable way to eliminate double bookings of shared rooms and resources. Prevent double booking of anything, even your own schedule! Set up self-service booking or keep complete control.


Calendar Categories

Think of categories as multiple "calendars" inside your calendar... but so much more. You can color-code and filter events by category. Control "who can view" & "who can edit" each category. Set up website calendar plugins to pull events from any combination of categories.

Color Coded Events

Color code event titles and legend colors for at-a-glance reference.

Prevent Double-Booking

Prevent scheduling conflicts of any resource with a self-service booking category option.

Who can view / edit

Assign user viewing and editing permission by category.

Private & Public Calendar Views

You've got complete control of your calendar's visibility by using categories to control access to your events. Create public categories, or private categories, or mix it up with a public category for your website, and private category for internal meetings.


Locations & Facilities

Use locations to manage meeting rooms, client addresses, outdoor facilities and more. Save location information once and it will appear in a drop down list the next time you're adding an event. Optionally, prevent double booking of a location with our event conflict feature.

Let Visitors Suggest Events.

Let your community contribute to your calendar by suggesting events for approval. Suggest Event form may be to your calendar or directly to a website.

Real-time RSS and iCal Feeds.

Feeds make it easy for everyone to keep up with your events. Stream to Outlook, iPhone, iPad or Android calendars.


Social Media

Our social sharing feature makes it easy for your visitors to share your events on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Options also available to add website calendar plugins to facebook fanpage.

Email Subscribers & Signup Form

Build and manage your email list, affordably. Let visitors join your email list using our simple signup form. Send subscribers event reminders, invitations, and newsletters - even request an RSVP!

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Email Marketing

Our Email to List feature makes it easy and affordable to send beautiful, engaging emails to your subscribers and users. Bring your email list and calendar together in CalendarWiz to stay connected with your audience.

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Import & Export

Import events & contacts from Outlook, Google, and other applications. Easily export CalendarWiz events for backups and reporting.


First Class Backup & Reliability.

Your calendar is a central part of your organization and we take it seriously. With real-time database mirroring, 99.6% uptime, and 24/7 monitoring, we've got you covered.

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